Real Time Logistics Driver App

The Challenge

Real time logistics driver app: Traditional systems handle logistics as a sequential process, scheduling routes first and passing them on for execution. This disconnect is the root cause for many operational problems. Why? Because in the real world, scheduling and execution are closely linked and interdependent.

Imagine a day in your business; a job couldn’t be executed, a truck breaks down and half of the jobs need to be rescheduled or maybe you get an urgent, lucrative order from a new customer, and you want to dispatch it to the nearest truck.

How are you managing this with your current systems ?

The Solution

Manage the end-to-end process as one, in real time. Capture driver feedback and react smartly using the full visibility to pro-actively identify problems.

DRIViLOGIX and the scheduling app ROUTiLOGIX act as one, and use the same data to provide one version of the truth which is used by all players in the logistics process. The native mobile app also works offline, and smartly syncs data to/from the server when connection is re-established.

At last, the end-to-end logistics process can be managed within one system. Planner, drivers, managers now all have access to consistently shared data. This mobile app unlocks the full potential of your organisation, enables you to make informed decisions and most importantly implement them in real time.

The Benefits

✔ Real time interaction between drivers and planners

✔ Full visibility for smart decision making

✔ Detailed driver feedback incl job confirmation, comments and pictures

✔ Vehicle tracking and event management

✔ Offline capability

✔ Logistics planning and execution become one process

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